Maker of fine handcrafted bassoon reeds since 1986.

Bassoon Reeds

“Wow!!!! They are wonderful!  My sound has already improved.”
– Tammie Campbell Williamson, Bassoonist and Band Director, Nashville, Tennessee.

“Great reeds, Stephen! Thanks for sending them! They felt comfortable from the first note!”
– Dr. Eve Witt, Band Director in Shepherdsville, Kentucky and Bassoonist in the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra in Evansville, Indiana.

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Holland & Son Bassoon Reeds are made with care and precision by Stephen at each step, from the first split of a tube of cane to the final sanding of the reed with 1500 grade wet-dry sandpaper. The reeds are tested by Stephen on his Heckel bassoon and Heather on her Fox bassoon. Every reed that leaves the shop is a reed we would love to play. They are made with Danzi cane and are available with the Danzi and Hindell* shapes.  For more information on each step in the making of these reeds, please reed the Bassoon Reed Cane and Bassoon Reed Blanks pages.

A Note to Young Students
If you are looking for a beginner or student reed, you will not find it here. Instead you will find a reed made for you and for a professional bassoonist. Holland & Son Bassoon Reeds all have the same beautiful sound and feel good to play, which is what you need. The professional bassoonist gets my best work, and so do you.  Danzi shaped reeds are wrapped with red cotton thread, Hindell shaped reeds are wrapped with white cotton thread.


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