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Bassoon Reed (Danzi shape) Monthly Subscription

From: $19.50 / month
Bassoon Reed (Danzi shape) Monthly Subscription

Bassoon Reeds from Holland & Son Double Reeds & Cane are made with care and precision by Stephen at each step, from the first split of a tube of cane to the final sanding of the reed with 1500 grade wet-dry sandpaper. The reeds are tested by Stephen on his Heckel bassoon and Heather on her Fox bassoon. Every reed that leaves the shop is a reed we would love to play. They are made with Danzi cane and the Danzi shape.

$19.50 per reed instead of the single purchase price of $21 per reed.  Save $1.50 per reed, $18 each year.

This product is a subscription with a monthly charge.


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